A Guide to Pricing Your Montgomery County Home to Sell

Posted by Sandra Pohl // January 15, 2018

Pricing your Montgomery County home to sell is one of those exercises where you might not realize how difficult it is until you have to do it. Considering what a large role your Montgomery County home’s asking price plays in the sales process, you want to make sure you price correctly. Pricing your Montgomery County […]

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Are You Ruining Your Montgomery County Home Sale?

Posted by Sandra Pohl // January 1, 2018

If you have put your Montgomery County home up for sale without any offers, you know how frustrating it can be. This frustration becomes compounded when as you are driving home, you notice yet another nearby Montgomery County home has sold. When you see this, it can be easy to assume those other Montgomery County […]

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Understanding Montgomery County Comparable Sales

Posted by Sandra Pohl // December 18, 2017

Montgomery County comparable sales, more commonly referred to as “comps” in real estate lingo, are recently sold properties that are very similar to your property. Montgomery County comparable sales can be helpful tools to refer to when determining market value and deciding on a listing price for your Montgomery County home. When researching Montgomery County […]

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Tips for Buying at a Montgomery County Foreclosure Auction

Posted by Sandra Pohl // December 4, 2017

Attending a Montgomery County foreclosure auction can be an adrenaline-filled experience. With emotions running so hot, you do not want that excited feeling to quickly turn to disappointment or lead to bad decisions. If you are considering attending a Montgomery County foreclosure auction, you will want to know a few secrets that will actually help […]

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Uncovering Your Montgomery County Home Value

Posted by Sandra Pohl // November 20, 2017

It is always useful to have a firm grasp on your Montgomery County home value. Since your Montgomery County home is most likely your most valuable asset it is worth knowing where you stand. Even if you are not ready to list your home for sale or refinance, knowing your current Montgomery County home value […]

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Montgomery County Home Sellers: Don’t Make THESE Mistakes

Posted by Sandra Pohl // November 6, 2017

Montgomery County home sellers do not start out on the selling process hoping that it gets dragged out for several months. You want to sell quickly and for as much money as you can.   In order for Montgomery County home sellers to do just that, you need to make sure that you are not […]

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Secrets for a Successful Montgomery County Open House

Posted by Sandra Pohl // October 23, 2017

When executed with the proper thought and strategy, a Montgomery County open house can be an incredible tool for home sellers. At the same time, when not planned or handled properly, a Montgomery County open house can work against you. If you are hosting a Montgomery County open house soon, consider these open house secrets […]

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Montgomery County Home Sellers: Price to Sell

Posted by Sandra Pohl // October 9, 2017

Pricing your home to sell is an important process for Montgomery County home sellers. Understanding that a price that is too high will scare potential buyers away while a price  that is too low could mean missing out on money can be stressful process. In order for Montgomery County home sellers to determine a price […]

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Tips To Keep Your Montgomery County Closing Process Moving

Posted by Sandra Pohl // September 25, 2017

It is not uncommon for the average Montgomery County closing process to have at least a few snags that can take some time and energy to get through. You are anxious to move into your new Montgomery County  home. You are packed up and ready.  People are waiting to move into your current home. Even […]

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Credit Score Boosting Tips for Montgomery County Homebuyers

Posted by Sandra Pohl // September 11, 2017

While your credit score will not be improved overnight, it is one of those things that is well worth waiting for if you are Montgomery County homebuyers. Repairing bad credit takes time while maintaining good credit requires effort. If you are thinking about becoming Montgomery County homebuyers in the near future, make your credit score […]

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