Are You Ruining Your Montgomery County Home Sale?

Are You Ruining Your Montgomery County Home Sale?

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If you have put your Montgomery County home up for sale without any offers, you know how frustrating it can be. This frustration becomes compounded when as you are driving home, you notice yet another nearby Montgomery County home has sold.

When you see this, it can be easy to assume those other Montgomery County homes must be selling cheaper or have a special feature. But there is a good chance the problem actually lies with your home.

Read on to see if you are ruining your Montgomery County home sale (and learn what you can do about it).

Being Lazy

When was the last time you actually drove around looking for something? Today,  the Internet is the go-to resource for finding (and buying) just about anything.  

It is very unlikely that a potential buyer is going to randomly drive around looking for a home with a “for sale” sign in the front. When it comes to marketing your home, don’t be lazy. Relying solely on a yard sign  will not get you very far.

There are plenty of places to post your home for sale online. Take advantage of them.

Neglecting Curb Appeal

Montgomery County homebuyers drive past a listed home they are interested in before they make an appointment to see it. This means that your home needs to be ready at any time of day.

When the home looks good from the street, this can signal that you have most likely taken care of the inside as well. However, if you have neglected your curb appeal, your potential buyers may choose to instantly scratch your home off their list instead of follow up with a viewing.

Being to “Home-y”

Yes, you want your potential buyers to feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. But this means letting envision their own lives in the house, not forcing them to look at all of your pictures and personalizations.

Before scheduling viewings, make sure you “de-personalize” your home as much as possible. You want to project a clean slate for your buyers to see themselves making their own.

Utilize Light

While location is a top priority with buyers, good light generally comes in not too far behind. Maximizing the light in your home can make a major difference when potential buyers are visiting.

Make sure all bulbs are the maximum wattage for the light they are in. If you have dark corners, hallways, etc. buy lighting to fix these areas.

Poor Pricing

You want to get as much as you can from your Montgomery County home sale, but pricing too high will likely backfire on you. Pricing high can filter you out of the price range for many online homebuyers. And even for the ones that do find your home, not many will want to entertain lengthy negotiations.

For best result with your Montgomery County home sale, price smartly and accurately from the beginning.

Neglecting Obvious Problems

When trying to sell your home, no problem is too small to address. Minor and major repairs can come across as neglect to potential homebuyers, especially if they begin to pile up.

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